What our customers say...

"Planet friendly, smell amazing and look fab. Great products!"

- Shaun

"These wax melts are amazing! They fill the whole house with a gorgeous smell which lasts for ages. My absolute favourite is the washday fresh my friends have commented on how lovely it smells when they have been round the house. Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed!"

- Jennifer

"My husband and I bought some of the wax melts today and they are amazing! Makes the whole house smell wonderful so quickly! We both found products we love and currently are using the ‘rose’ wax 😍 🐝. Lovely ladies were working on the stall when we got our products too! Thank you so much and will certainly be using yourselves again 😊 🐝"

- Charlotte

"Lovely smelling product. Bought some at a country fair and loved them I need to buy more!!!"

- Sarah

"Purchased some of your wax melts yesterday at Beccles carnival. They smell amazing, my favourite is Twilight Gardens, its been burning for a few hours and the scent is still going strong. Have just purchased some more from your website... Thankyou ☺️ xx"

- Bekki

"Before you even open the box you can smell these and they smell gorgeous burning too. I have used lots of brand and homemade melts and these are the BEST."

- Michaela

"Purchased some melts the other weekend at the fair. They absolutely smell lovely. Everyone who comes round always asks what that smell is. I literally can’t wait to order some more. Would recommend to anyone."

- Katie