Here at Bee Natural Wax Melts we currently have 2 ranges of scents

- our Luxury Signature Beeswax Range and Soy Wax Range.

Luxury Beeswax Range -  A range of natural beeswax blended melts with pure essential oils and botanicals. The beeswax we feature in this range comes from bees fed mainly on forest wildflower and gorse blossom giving a rich, deep fragrant base.

Soy Wax Range - This range features scents inspired by well known and loved luxury fragrances as well as some classic scent combinations. With added botanicals, each melt is individually hand finished.


Disclaimer: Some of our fragrances are similar to luxury, designer perfumes and aftershaves.

We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companies, our scents have a similar fragrance.

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