• Always popular, our himalayan salt burners are made from a solid piece of himalayan rock salt with a well for your tea light and glass dish which sits on top and can be removed for easy cleaning. These are so pretty in the evening as the glow from the tealight illuminates the salt. Height 11cm approx. 

    Claimed Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

    * attracts humidity

    * removes moisture from the air and therefore pollutants

    *neutralizes the "electronic pollution" in the air

    * reduces allergens and irritants

    * creates a soothing effect

    * aids sleep

    * improves mood

    As himalayan salt is a natural product, the colour and shape of these burners may vary slightly.

    Himalayan Salt Burner

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    • Our wax melts are designed to be used in a wax melt tealight burner, this will give you maximum fragrance throw. Please be aware if you choose to use an electric burner, the fragrance may not be as strong as the wax does not always heat to such a high temperature.

      Remove all packaging before use and larger botanical pieces

      Place wax melt in well of wax melt burner, for larger burners or a stronger scent throw two melts can be added. 

      Our beeswax signature range can be broken in half for use in smaller burners or rooms.

      Use only a burner intended for use with wax.

      Place burner on a steady, heatproof surface.

      Use only standard, unscented tea lights.

      Never leave a lit candle unattended.

      Keep away from draughts when lit.

      Do not move whilst lit or wax is molten.

      Keep away from flammable materials.

      Keep out of reach of children and animals.