• We now offer reed diffuser refills, 100g. Please choose your fragrance from the list below. These are presented in an aluminium bottle which can be recycled. We recommend you use new reeds each time you refill your diffuser bottle, these are sold separately. There is no reason why you can't use your diffuser bottle for a different scent, just give it a really good wash and leave to dry thoroughly, you may even like to use your own decorative bottle...

    Reed Diffuser Refill

    • When you receive your diffuser just give it a gentle shake, unscew the cap and remove the plug, then screw the cap back onto the bottle and pop your reeds into the oil. You will receive 8 reeds (please add these separately to your order if you are purchasing a refil), you can add as many as you like! We recommend you start with 5 or 6 as this may be enough depending on where your diffuser is placed. 

      Diffusers make a great alternative to candles and are perfect for gently fragrancing areas with high foot traffic such as entrances/hallways, bathrooms & always the downstairs loo! The fragrance is dispersed via air circulation as the oil diffusers through the reeds. You may find a shady, draught free area will make your diffuser last longer whereas a warm, sunny windowsill with good air flow will give a stronger scent. Our diffusers should last a minimum of 6 weeks depending on placement and how many reeds you use. We recommend you occasionally turn the reeds.