•  What a perfect gift for a cocktail lover & a girl's night out lover! Back by popular demand,  our gift boxed Collection features four, highly scented soy wax snap bars, each influenced by popular cocktails... we have been working on these for a long time and they are absolutely amazing! and even better ... alcohol free!


    Pina Colada ~ Mojito ~ Watermelon Daquiri ~ Gin Fizz


    Do you like the coconut & pineapple caribbean vibe from Pina Colada, or the minty freshness of a Mojito? Perhaps the juniper burst in gin fizz or the sweet, juicy watermelon hit you get from the freshest daquiri fragrance....What are you waiting for!


    Currently limited in quantity as they are a seasonal product.

    These wax melts are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

    Each wax melt has been handfinished by us and colouring/botanical placement may vary. All our glitter & the wax melt packaging is biodegradeable.


    The Cocktail Collection

    • Our wax melts are designed to be used in a wax melt tealight burner, this will give you maximum fragrance throw. 

      Remove all packaging before use and larger botanical pieces.

      Our beeswax signature range can be broken in half for use in smaller burners or rooms.

      Use only a burner intended for use with wax.

      Place burner on a steady, heatproof surface.

      Use only standard, unscented tea lights.

      Never leave a lit candle unattended.

      Keep away from draughts when lit.

      Do not move whilst lit or wax is molten.

      Keep away from flammable materials.

      Keep out of reach of children and animals.